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Slays In A Green Dress As She Proceeds Towards Global Studios - The Tech Education
Amanda Holden
Source: Daily Mail
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Intimate Relations Actor Amanda Holden Slays In A Green Dress As She Proceeds Towards Global Studios

Amanda Holden spotted rushing to work wearing a beautiful green dress.

Amanda Holden Slays A Green Dress

The 49 year old star was recently spotted walking towards the Global Studios. As the star rushed to work she was absolutely looking stunning in a green halter neck flowy dress. Holden carried off the dress in an elegant manner and looked no less than a complete diva.

Amanda Holden
Source: Daily Mail

Her gorgeous silk dress was basically from the couture of Giant Reiss. So the flowy dress really went well with her well toned body.

As she proceeded for the Heart FM radio broadcasting program, the blonde beauty complimented her look with a pair of black shades and a pair of white wedges. Moreover she carried a black handback which went well with her entire look.

As for her makeup she opted for a minimal makeup look complimented by her nude lip shade.

Her Current Work

As for her current work, Holden is currently hosting a radio show at Heart FM.  And is  gearing up for her new venture as a head judge of Britain’s Got Talent.  The star is busy grooming herself up for her upcoming shows. And is seen visiting the gym very regularly. So as to get her well toned physique.

Amanda Holden
Source: Instagram

Amid her hectic work schedule , she never ignores her personal life. And that is the reason she recently took some time out for her husband Chris Hughes. As the adorable couple went for a romantic trip to Berkshire recently.

Moreover Holden took to Instagram to post really adorable pictures with her husband. As the couple looked really happy spending time with each other.

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So we are really anticipating to watch Holden returning back to the silver screen as the head judge of Britain’s Got Talent.

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