Instagram Engagement: How to Improve It 7 Pro Tips

From social media marketers to content creators to wannabe influencers, people have always thought about how to increase their engagement online. People want to be remembered and so, they will go to any extent to increase their engagement rate. A higher engagement rate will mean that a particular person’s posts will be shown more frequently to an increasingly large number of people.

In the early days of social media platforms, Instagram, people could simply boost their engagement by interacting with their followers. That is all that it took for the primitive Instagram algorithm to boost a person’s profile on their people’s explore page. Now, we do not think that this simple strategy will work to increase your engagement rate.

Even if it did, it is impossible for a content creator to simply reply to everyone – this is not a feasible solution since it takes a lot of time up. Instagram engagement has become the holy grail or the marker for a person’s success when it comes to being an influencer or a content creator.

The more that people or their followers engage with their posts or videos by liking, sharing, and commenting on them, the more popular they will become.

But with 4.2 billion photos and 50 billion posts shared to date, how can any small business owner, content creator, or influencer be successful? Do not worry, here we have curated a list of seven pro tips to improve your Instagram engagement. Keep on reading to know more about it!

Consistency is key

One of the biggest challenges a content creator or an influencer faces is that they have trouble enticing people to come back to their content, time and time again. But these content creators or influencers have made the fatal mistake of not posting regularly.

Therefore, they will not be remembered as much since they do not have enough content on hand! A great way to build up a loyal fanbase is by posting frequently since it shows that you are committed to your work and are also passionate about it.

Use hashtags

The essence and ethos of Instagram is its hashtags. Ever since its early days, Instagram has used hashtags to categorize and filter content. Not many people know this, but on Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags to categorize and fine-tune your content, which is unlike Twitter where you can only use a handful of hashtags.

But if your hashtags are not relevant, it will mean that you are more likely to get shadowbanned. Therefore, you will need to use hashtags in a smart manner.

Stick with one filter

Having a stringent and strict use of filters will make your posts stand out since it will make everything more uniform. But do not stray away from that filter, otherwise, your brand identity will be lost. Other than that, keep your brightness on high as well.

Post Instagram stories like a pro

If you use the Instagram stories feature like a pro you will be able to make the most out of the stories, even though they only last for a day or 24 hours. By posting to your stories every day, you will be able to remind your followers that there is new content to be checked out. Your followers will come to expect a new story every day, and that, in turn, will increase instagram likes and engagement of your profile.

Get feedback!

The polls, questions and answers, and other stickers on Instagram are there for a reason. These stickers help you, as a content creator to get feedback on the nature of your content. It will also help your followers communicate and talk to you in a very authentic manner.

If you know what you can offer to your followers, based on their suggestions, then it will be more likely that your followers will return for more of the content that they are looking forward to seeing.

Do not exhaust your followers

Being passionate about your work is one thing and being overzealous about your work is another thing. Being overzealous can be really fatiguing for your followers. While every post of yours does need to be of high quality, you do not need to convey a sense of urgency or anger with all your posts.

Some posts need to be calming, without any calls to action or urge your followers to constantly engage with your content.

Mention others

If you have worked with someone with more clout than you have, feel free to mention their name in your stories. If they can repost your story on theirs, it will mean a huge influx of followers from their side.

It is vital and important to know how to drive traffic to your page even if you are a small-time content creator or a tiny business. For those who are looking to increase engagement on their posts to make their content-creating dreams come true, we hope that this guide can help you achieve those dreams.

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