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Where The Viral ‘i Wanna Kill My Mum’ Tiktok Sound Comes From

If you’ve been on Tiktok this week, you’ve undoubtedly heard “I Want To Kill My Mother” hundreds of times.

Currently, every other video on the For You page uses the viral sound, which is quickly becoming one of October’s biggest trends.

Where Does Humorous Dialogue Originate? Follow the link to view the original video…


The amusing sound comes from a video posted by @ongodiswearfr, a Tiktok user with over 90,000 followers on the platform.

In the video, a child tries to hide inside a large sweater, to which a man in the background responds, “what the hell bro?” and quickly pulls it off.

The child, who is dressed in a red top, a black beanie, and numerous silver chains, then yells angrily, “I Wanna Kill My Mum!”

Everyone in the room exclaims, “what the?” “I Want to Kill My Dad,” the kid adds. “I Want to Kill My Grandma,” everyone laughs.

As the video progresses, he continues to scream that he wants to kill everyone, and an adult tells him, “you’ve got to chill bro, relax.”


The video has received 22.6 million views and has gone viral as a result of his hilarious voice and dialogue, which inspired the latest Tiktok trend.

People are using the sound to describe situations in which they wanted to ‘kill’ their parents when they were children, usually because they wouldn’t let them do something.

To participate in the viral challenge, simply type a caption on the screen and play the I Wanna Kill My Mum’ sound in the background.

The funny videos include phrases such as “when I didn’t get the toy I wanted” and “When Your Parents Didn’t Raise The Last Child The Way They Raised You.”

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