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Stuns Media - See Pictures Here!
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Hunter McGrady, The Curviest Model Stuns Media In A Sleek Fall Outfit – See The Pictures Here!

Several plus-size models are coming in the limelight these days. They are trying their best to campaign the facts that only slim and sexy figure models shouldn’t be promoted. Dresses of all the sizes no matter how large should be made available. Plus-size models are coming up with their stories of how they rose to fame. Various of them also confessed that they were bullied since the young age because of being the overweight one in the room. And that’s how now, plus-size models are cast for various photo sessions. However, They also get to walk on the ramp just like any other model, and it is so refreshing. To see not just people going gaga over hourglass figure.

Plus-Size Models Are Rocking!

Hence, the sport’s illustrated’s Curviest Model Hunter McGrady showed off her cost fall style. Moreover, on Wednesday, on her Instagram, she showed off her gawking figure in various posts. She did not disappoint her fans and looked beautiful and chic as always carrying herself with so much grace. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line that was perfect for the season’s chillier temperatures was what this plus-size model wore. 

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Her jaw-dropping pictures captured the model outside under the sky filled with bright blue clouds. It was a beautiful bright day, and the model continued to pose. Her back was facing the camera in front of a wooden fence that lined a small pond. Moreover, Large trees also appeared, which seemed as if they were changing colours and hues. However, Turning her head back to face the camera and held a plaid Tumbler in one hand. This tumbler had a warm beverage to face the cool Autumn air, which is likely to get harsh sometimes. Furthermore, she captioned her pic with “Just Right.”

Hunter And Her Beautiful Outfit!

Hunter looked incredibly beautiful, with a matt look on her face, her eyes are shining and raw. She was looking fabulously stylish bundled up in a fuzzy tan coloured bomber jacket. Although she surprised her fans with the October drop fabletics, she inspired them too. The jacket was a little cropped and was cinched at the 27-year-old’s hips. It also showed elastic cuffs and a single black stripe across her back that gave the garment a sporty vibe.

Pairing her jacket with figure-hugging black leggings was a killer move. The bottom wear hugged the model’s lower half in a way that highlighted her hips curves. Thick seams of her curves flattered the picture, making it look all the way more appealing. The attention then drifts to the pockets at her side that gave way to her shaped thighs. 

Blonde locks were flowing down freely on her shoulders as she styled them with a simple middle part. The hairs spilt messily across her face and forehead. Her wedding ring was clearly visible, making it look serene and beautiful.

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