How to Use Internet Tools to Improve Your Productivity

One of the most basic goals of all businesses and jobs is to increase the productivity rate of their employees and teams. Because when the workers can produce more with the help of fewer resources it will generate more revenue and increase the chances of success.

While some people still think that cutting down on technology can increase focus and productivity, the truth is that if used in the right way, it can be used to make tasks simpler and get done quickly.

We’re living in a digital era where most or in some cases, all of the work tasks are done online. This means the internet plays a great role in working efficiently and opening worlds of opportunities. Where a fast internet connection can offer enhanced communication, collaboration, and a number of tools to make things easier for us, an interrupted and slow internet connection can make things a lot worse for businesses and remote workers.

This is why you should never trust an ISP with a low customer satisfaction rate and always go for a reputable one like ATT internet. That holds a high customer satisfaction rate for offering super-high internet speeds and exceptional customer service that every business, be it big or small, requires to work efficiently and enhance their productivity.

Google Workplace

This tool is a collection of cloud-based computing, collaborating, and productivity tools developed by Google. Instead of explaining complicated things over an email, you can simply use the chat or video call features from Google Workspace. This will be more time effective and allow users to collaborate better.

Google Workplace allows users to schedule meetings from their inbox, encourages teams to create project rooms, facilitates the access for the entire team to different resources, allows you to edit files and documents shared by coworkers in real-time, and explores capabilities of effective productivity.


We live in a hyper-connected world where it often gets difficult to avoid other distractions and focus on what actually matters at that moment. Does your smartphone bother you a lot with notifications from social media apps and other distractions? Offtime is the app just for you as it blocks calls, texts, and other notifications to improve your focus on work thus increasing your productivity.

It can restrict access to certain apps and manage your phone usage during your work hours so you stay focused and your cognitive ability doesn’t get impaired. This tool also allows you to make an exception for certain contacts, important emails, messages and facilitates by sending auto-replies from your end.


Beeminder is another helpful tool to monitor and track your activities. You can create to-do lists, defile your goals and manage your tasks accordingly. Beeminder helps you keep a check on your regular process and see if you’re hitting the set targets.

This app creates graphs of everything to keep track like how many words you’ve written, how many hours you’ve worked, and what is the number of contracts you’ve signed. It is unique in a way that it creates a Yellow Brick Road for you to stay on and as long as you keep following the map and stable your data points you’re safe, and if you fall back from your target the app will charge you money. The amount of at increases each time you fall back to your set target.


Trello is a web-based tool that helps you to make lists and stay organized. You can keep a maintained workflow and do project management with this app and also collaborate with your team members at the same time. The highlighted feature of this tool is the built-in workflow computerization that computerization organizes your to-do lists in the calendar according to due date details.

You can create sheets with Trello, generate podcasts, and make lists to complete your projects flexibly. Most of the features you can enjoy with Trello are free however if you want to get the maximum benefit out of this append want to access premium features you can get a paid subscription.


Evernote is an amazing tool to help entrepreneurs, writers, and executives to organize and arrange their ideas. It is primarily a note-taking app that automatically syncs all your devices across all operating systems. You can create notes, related to projects and meetings and share them with your coworkers and teammates similar to real-life.

The features include notes taking, home dashboard, three widgets, in-note tasks searching through tags, and clipping web pages. All these features allow users to manage their activities and tasks when hence improving their productivity rate and getting the maximum benefit out of them.


Todoist uses a time management tool that allows users to create to-do lists along with project management. The app also gives you a weekly and daily review of your activities and what work you’ve to do in the upcoming weeks or what appointments you have. You can start using Todoist if you feel like your workload is increasing and you cannot manage or organize things properly.

You can work with up to five people and manage 80 active products at one time with the free version. If you want to enjoy the premium features of Todoist you can opt for a Business or Premium plan and pay a fee for it.

Wrapping it up

The Internet can be a really helpful platform when it comes to managing your work and increasing productivity. You can use the aforementioned tools and a lot more if you want to enhance your productivity at work and thank us later.

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