How to activate the new iPhone?

After buying a new iPhone, many users have a widespread question – how to configure it? More often than not, owners who have recently switched from Android think about this. However, even advanced users of Apple devices are not familiar with all the intricacies of the first setup. In this article, we have collected all the essential tips and stages of the first turn-on of the iPhone. We tell you how to configure the gadget, what items you should disable, and what to check. Let’s go!

How to move data between your old and new iPhones

If you still have your old device based on iOS 11 or newer, it is fully working, and you have not deleted anything important, then all the data can be immediately transferred to the latest smartphone from Apple. The next manipulation is performed from the item “Quick Start.”

A quick data transfer to the iPhone:

  • Choose a region and language, then tap on “Quick Start” to restore;
  • Lean your old phone against the new one, and then you should see a notification that the system is ready to be transferred;
  • Scan the encrypted message on the new gadget through the camera from the old one’s screen;
  • Enter your old password.

Recovering information from your former device can take a relatively long time. It will depend on how many files, toys, programs, photos, and other data you have stored on your old device. If you miss the first setup step, you can go to Settings and run Quick Start manually. To do this, go to the Settings app – tap on “Basic,” – select “Transfer or reset iPhone” at the bottom of the list – click on the virtual “Continue” button.

What to turn off in iPhone Settings?

At the very start, the system is set up so that the user can familiarize himself with all the conveniences of the apple smartphone. Over time, however, many configurations bring the advanced user more inconvenience than benefit.

Each owner can decide which settings he wants and which he doesn’t. We’ve compiled a few items that seem inconvenient to us personally. You may find you need them.

“Raise to activate” (Settings – Screen and Brightness – Raise to activate)

The option turns on the screen as soon as you pick up the smartphone. In practice, it can be triggered not only at the right moments. But also when you hold the device in your hand or carry it in your pocket or bag.

“Screen time” (Settings – Screen time)

This feature helps you keep track of the time you spend on different applications. But it is rarely useful, and more often the opposite – very annoying.

Clicks while typing (Sounds and Tactile Signals – Keyboard clicks)

You can safely leave this feature if you like typing messages accompanied by a sound. We find it unnecessary because clicks are often not synchronized with the presses and are confusing. In addition, this effect does not sound very pleasant in headphones.

“Auto update” (Basic – Software update – Auto update).

New versions of iOS are not always stable and useful. It happens that the developers make some serious mistakes in the update, which causes poor performance of applications and quickly drains the battery. If you want to avoid any problems in operation – turn it off.

What functions you should keep?

And now we’re talking about those items that will benefit. It is better to activate them already at the first launch, so you do not forget.

Apple Pay

More often than not, even after data transfer, Apple Pay settings are not restored. Therefore, payment cards have to be entered manually. It is better not to delay this so as not to find yourself in a ridiculous situation at the cash register in the supermarket. Don’t forget about the Apple Pay feature. Moreover, this payment function on the iPhone works very quickly, so before buying online, check the service carefully because of many frauds. In the case of paying for educational services, type in, for example: Is paperhelp legit? And before buying from an online store, read the reviews. It will help save your nerves and enjoy the purchase.

Face ID

Constantly entering a passcode is not the most convenient way to unlock it. Scan your face once and use your smartphone easily.

Geolocation service

Despite the fact that this feature consumes a lot of battery power, it directly affects the work of the “Locator” service and many other programs. If you do not want to lose your gadget, it is better to turn on the option.

How to properly charge your iPhone

You’ve probably heard a lot of advice from self-proclaimed experts about charging your new smartphone, but legends do not go around about the new gadgets. Some say they shouldn’t be discharged to 0% or charged to 100%. Others – on the contrary, recommend doing so. In fact, everything is much simpler.

After purchase, it is unnecessary to “drain” the battery before turning it off. It had to be done with the ancient batteries, which had a capacity memory. To charge to 100% is also safe. Many argue that smartphones will live longer if you maintain the figures from 20% to 80%. It is partly true. But in actual use, you won’t see a difference. The battery won’t live much longer with this powerful method. It all depends on how often you discharge and charge your device. More specifically, on the charge cycles. If you want your battery to feel good and not spoil before time enough to buy the original charger from Apple. Such products are not harmful to Apple equipment and work well with it. That’s all!

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