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Venom 2: Tentpole Big-Screen Block-Buster, Would Make A Great Film, And Untold Details

Sony has now delayed the release of the upcoming Venom 2 by 8 months. Venom became an instant darling for the fans. The first Venom was a huge hit at the worldwide box office. It made $856 million on an estimated $116 million budget. This lay the groundwork for Sony to continue to expand its own universe from the Spider-Man comic books. Due to the success of the first move, Sony gave the green light to Venom 2. Tom Hardy will return as Eddie Brock and Andy Serkis will take over the role of director from Ruben Fleischer.

Venom 2 will build on the tease from the first movie’s post-credit scenes. The sequel will pit Eddie and his symbiote counterpart against Cletus Kasady and the symbiote “Carnage”. Venom 2 had to close down production earlier this year due to the outbreak.

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Venom 2 New Release Date

Due to halt in production, Sony has now changed the release date of Venom 2 to 25 June 2021. This is 8 months later than the initial date. Earlier it was going to release on October 2, 2020. They have also announced the official name of the new movie. Venom 2 will have the title “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”.

Venom 2 will still hit theatres after Sony’s Morbius. Morbius itself will now release in March 2021 instead of the initial release date in July 2020. Thus, the studio is looking to maintain the same sequence of its release schedule. Sony has still not completed production of the sequel. So fans should not expect to see any trailers or teasers for the sequel before the start of 2021.

It is unclear if Sony will try to link these two nemeses of Spider-Man. Both are antiheroes who are a part of the infamous Sinister Six in the comic books. The Sinister Six among Spiderman’s greatest rivals.  However, Sony has been teasing a Sinister Six movie in the future. Thus, it is highly likely that viewers might see Morbius and other Sinister Six Easter eggs in Venom 2. As such, it is probably vital for Jared Leto’s vampiric superhero to make his way to the huge screen before Hardy receives his symbiote on again, from an overarching storytelling perspective.

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Sony’s Delays New Movies Due to Outbreak

Their choice to shift Serkis’ sequel to a prime summertime spot is not surprising. Venom is arguably Sony’s biggest draw outside Spiderman. The movie has great potential to turn large profits and it makes sense to keep it during peak movie season. This shows Sony’s faith that Venom will do despite competing with other big-name movies during that time.

At the moment, Venom 2 is scheduled to release after Jurassic World: Dominion, so that you can be targeting most of the identical demographics.

However, with manufacturing on the third Jurassic World shut-down for the time being due to the coronavirus, odds are the dino-sequel will subsequently be driven back to a later spot in 2021 (if not all the way to 2022), clearing the path for Eddie and Venom to give Sony the box-office numbers it expects.

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