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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Slammed By CBS Journalist For Visiting Salon Amidst Pandemic Shutdown.

A CBS Reporter slams Nancy Pelosi for violating shutdown rules. As she had visited a Salon amidst pandemic crisis.

Nancy Pelosi Slammed For Visiting Salon In Pandemic

Kathryn Watson, a CBS journalist criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being irresponsible during the pandemic crisis. As Pelosi visited the salon on Monday.

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi visited the salon on Monday afternoon. Also in the footage Pelosi was not wearing any mask. As she was in the ESalonSF. Therefore the House Speaks seems to have really violated the health protocols. Actually the footage was from a security camera present at the salon.

But when she was criticized for her act she immediately issued a statement. And in the statement she mentioned that she didn’t violateĀ  the safety protocols. Also mentioned that the salon had set her up. As they mentioned that one customer at a time is allowed. And that is when Pelosi made her appointment after taking care of the health protocols.

But even after that Journalist Watson heavily slammed Pelosi’s official statement. As she shared the statement on her Twitter handle saying that other salon’s in California are still closed amidst the pandemic.

Then how come this specific salon is abiding by some other government norms which doesn’t even exist.

Response From The Salon Owner

The owner of the salon Erica Kious in an interview stated that Pelosi’s official statement holds no truth. Because Pelosi just misused her power to get her things done.

Nancy Pelosi
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And she also said that it was Pelosi who called up the stylist and took an appointment in the salon. And her claims about the salon setting her up is all false.

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Therefore it is clear that Pelosi has been misusing her political powers to get away with certain protocols. And thus getting away with violating shutdown rules.

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