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Here’s How US Wildfire Will Bring Some Bad Changes In Weather

The wind quality has decreased since the past few weeks. However, with increasing humidity in the air, it’s helping the firefighters to battle the deadly US Wildfire. The most affected areas are Oregon and California and many people are missing due to this local disaster. The Authorities of both states are trying their best to reduce the fire.

Oregon’s Director of Emergency Management’s Statement About US Wildfire

If the fire gets too high and moves with rapid speed then it may harm the people who live across the backend landscape. The director of Oregon’s emergency management has said that they are trying to solve this from every possible way. The director said that he have arranged many firefighter teams to battle this deadly wildfire.

The state fire marshal has now taken authority over the administration. Almost 23 people have died from this disaster in California, Oregon and Wahington as well on Saturday. The white house representatives have already announced that President Trump will soon reach to California on Monday to discuss this issue.


The Disaster Management Official’s Statements

The officials from the disaster management have that the smoke from California has also helped the deadly blaze. They said that it is blocking the sun which as a result it reduced the temperature and the humidity in the air has increased.

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Death Counts

The report says that Nine people from California are confirmed dead. There was a 16-year-old boy who became the victim of a blazing fire which started a few weeks ago. The small fire has now turned into a monstrous one and it also destroyed the Berry Creek.

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US Wildfire

The officials from disaster management have not revealed the death counts. There were only eight people who died in the blazing wildfire. The governor of Oregon has said on Friday that almost ten thousand people were forced to leave their houses near the wildfire. The report says that almost 15,000 firefighters are in their duty and still working to slow down the fire.

The firefighters are inside of 28 major places in California. The report says that almost 24 burned zones due to the raging fire are now under control

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