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20 People Have Already Died In US Wildfire, Here’s The Exclusive Report About Raging Fire On The West Coast

The Deadly fire still continues to rise on the west coast. However, the reports said that the fire spread and became a natural disaster due to the winds and cooler weather. The firefighters are trying their best to reduce the fire. The wildfire killed more than 20 people who stayed in the forest and eight people are from Oregon. As a result, there are some people who are still missing.

Andrew Phelps’s Statement

Andrew Phelps who is Oregon’s emergency management director said that the officials are ready to solve this problem. He said that this wildfire is a mass Fatality incident and the crew members from the fire department have only gone through a singed town.

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US Wildfire: How Much Damage It has Done?

During the month of August, California itself contained 25% of the wildfire. However, the fire spiked in the mid-august and since then it’s growing. This wildfire is one of the largest wildfires that has been recorded in California.

The fire has reached and burned almost 847,000 acres of land. This fire has become one of the deadliest fire blazes in this current year. However, the fire still continues to rise in the Northern region of California.

President Trump’s Visit In California

President Donald Trump has promised to arrive in California on this Monday. Trump has said that he will provide the funding for the loss in California and Oregon. He has not said anything much in regards to wildfire.

The Wildfire is causing billowed toxic gases in the environment. The officials from the disaster management team have made a separate camp for the people. As per the reports, the air quality of California is decreasing. There are some places where the Air index showed very poor remarks.

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The Actual Reason For US Wildfire

Although, the officials revealed that the fire started to grow from Antifa Arsonist and then went to California. A person was arrested for spreading wrong arson in the middle of the fire. The report says that the power lines and other ignitions of these states sparked the fire.


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