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2, Trump Or Biden? Who Has The Highest Possibility To Win The Election This Year? - The Tech Education
Joe Biden And Donald Trump
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Trump Or Biden? Who Has The Highest Possibility To Win The Election This Year?

Joe Biden is giving tough competition to the Republican president Donald Trump. However, Joe Biden has been vice-president for Barak Obama since the 1970s. As the election day approaches, Biden is making it hard for Donald Trump to win this year. Meanwhile, The polling companies are trying their best to get the opinions of the citizens.

Presidential Candidates Performance: Biden And Trump

The National polls said that both the candidates are doing quite well in getting the votes. But this cannot who is going to win this year’s election.

They gave the reference of 2016 where Hillary Clinton was leading and almost won with three million votes than President Trump. But, then she Lost because the US uses the technology of the Electoral college system. In short, it means that only winning the votes from the people does not lead to victory in the election.

But this year Biden has shown some good strength and ahead of Mr. Trump in most national polls count from the beginning of this year. He achieved this target by roaming all over the places and visited the family in person. Now he is 10 points lead in the poll countings.

Biden Is Actually Going Well


Which State Has The Power To Decide The Election: Biden And Trump

Mrs. Clinton said in an interview in 2016 that the important thing in the election is to win the people’s hearts not their votes. Few states who gave the votes to the same party in the previous election tend to vote the same in the upcoming election. There are lots of states who give their votes to respective candidates which enables them to win the election.

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Leading Battlegrounds States

If we talk about this time, then the polls in the battlegrounds are in favor of Biden’s. But the people will not be able to figure which party will win this year, because Trump is involved too. The poll counting definitely says that Biden is much more ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

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Do Polls Reveal the truth?

The polls do not show the exact information, because it went wrong in the 2016 election, and the trump is the one who should take the blame. The polls helped Hillary Clinton to get ahead in the election with few numbers but it also doesn’t mean that it’s totally wrong. At her election, she won more than three million votes Donald trump.

The polls system really did had some problem in 2016 but most of the poll company has rectified and solved the problem this year now. This year because of the pandemic there is some uncertainty regarding the poll counts. It affecting the economy and really messing up with people’s votes during the election.

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