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Who is Han Jisung Dating? The Young Star Talks About His Life

Han Jisung, better known as the “Han” of Stray Kids, is a producer, rapper, and vocalist of the South Korean boyband. The group debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2017 after winning the public vote show “Stray Kids”. Originally formed with 9 members, the group now has 7 members: Bang-Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han (Heo Jaehwan), Felix (Kim Doyeon), Seungmin.
He was born on 14th September 2000 in Incheon but spent most of my childhood living in Malaysia until He came to Jisung is a singer and actor from South Korea, under JYP Entertainment. He has an ambition of being the best singer in Korea and leaving if he decides to leave.

He attended both High School in South Korea and a nearby art school, where he learned to act. After graduating in 2018, he got admission to Malaysian College.

On the show “Stray Kids”, Han Jisung is one of the Bangtan Boys who are a boy band under the company BigHit. After their success, they released their second mixtape in the same year on August 16th. It was called 3Days and had 9 songs including two instrumentals. Their third extended play came out on December 20th in 2017 and is titled HORIZON. They performed their song, “Start Line,” on January 18th, 2018 to celebrate the anniversary of their debut.

 Han Jisung Dating

Stray Kids was formed in 2017 as a trainee group under JYPE. They released their debut song, “Hellevator,” on October 17th and became quickly popular. Currently, the band is competing in the MNET S Kingdom: Legendary War with SF9, BTOB, iKON, ATEEZ, and The Boyz.

Han Jisung:  Relationships

Stray Kids have gathered much attention since their debut. The talent, concept, musical style, and energetic dancing has caught everyone s eyes. They are one of the most popular boy bands with many international fans. The Stray Kids’ fans are called “STAYS.” When the group interviewed with Z100 Studio, they explained that when you remove R from Stray Kids, it becomes STAY and this is to symbolizes how the band’s followers remain by their side whatever may come.

It was a beautiful sentiment and from what I have seen, the Stray Kids love their fans as much as their fans love them. Encounter, a fansite for Han Jisung, announced that he is dating on March 6.

Han Jisung is unmarried – he has never publicly acknowledged his dating life or had any rumors of an affair.Han Jisung dating

Han Jisung and Lee Know:

From 2019, in Weekly Idol, there is a funny thing. Lee Know was the leader of one of the teams, and Han, Changbin, and Hyunjin all wanted spots in his team. In order to decide, Lee Know asked them to show their charms. Han is a talented rapper whose song about Lee Know expresses his infatuation with the handsome b-boy. He sings I wanna be your boyfriend and take you to my place (but he s not really interested in picking up trash). In a dramatic way, he ended the rap with “I love you.”

Last year in December, the STAYs took to Twitter and spread a rumor that Dispatch has revealed Lee Know and Han to be one of the couples. However, like all rumors, there is no truth.

One of the labels JB, former ex-labelmate Monsta X’s Shownu, and one of the labelmates Infinite’s L were rumored to be dating with but no confirm news had been released.

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