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Hailey Bieber Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In A Monochrome Blazer Look As She Arrives At Milan With Pal Kendell Jenner - The Tech Education
Hailey Bieber
Source: Daily Mail
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Hailey Bieber Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In A Monochrome Blazer Look As She Arrives At Milan With Pal Kendell Jenner

Hailey Bieber and her pal Kendall Jenner arrive at Milan to attend the mega fashion event i.e. the Milan Fashion Week.

Hailey Bieber Slays In A Semi- Formal Look

The 23 year old model was spotted in Milan with her pal Kendall Jenner. As the duo are in the city to be a part of the Milan Fashion week.

Hailey Bieber
Source: Daily Mail

As both the ladies were seen stepping out in the city, Hailey looked mesmerizing. So, the beloved wife of Justin Bieber opted for a semi formal look. And slayed in a black and white monochrome blazer which she paired with a black bralette .

And completing her look, she wore a black skin tight leggings complimented by black pointed heels.  As for her hairs, the model opted for a simple top bun.

Apart from that she donned a pair of black sunglasses and also had her mask on as a precautionary measure. And we must say that Hailey has completely blown us away with her amazing style.

Moreover she also had a cup of coffee in her hand as she headed towards Kendall.

Kendall Jenner’s Amazing Look

Just like her pal, even Kendall Jenner had her style game totally on point. As the 24 year super model looked graceful in a brown dress.

And she paired it with a pair of black boots.

Hailey Bieber
Source: Daily Mail

Also Jenner chose to leave her beautiful hairs open and carried a black handbag. Moreover just like Hailey even Kendell had her masks on. Both the model friends had a good time taking a tour of the city. As they are gearing up to be a part of the Milan Fashion week which is finally happening after a series of lockdowns.

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Apart from Kendall and Hailey many other celebrity model like Nicole Poturalski , Irina Shayk ,etc have already arrived at Milan. And just like the previous years, even this year the event is going to be star studded.

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