Google: Verified Calls Will Inform Users Of The Reason A Business Is Calling Them

Google Phone app is now adding a new feature that lets users filter out spam calls more easily. Any business that Google has verified will be a part of this “Verified Calls” program. With this feature, when users receive a call from a business, they will see its name, logo, as well as the purpose of the call.

Google’s Verified Calls Feature Has A Support Page

The folks at Android Police spotted a support page for it which details how this will all work. For this feature to work, you will have to link your cell phone number to your Google account.

Additionally, you must be using Google’s phone app when receiving the call. This goes beyond simple caller ID interfaces like Truecaller. According to Google’s Verified Calls support page, users will be notified of the call reason as well.


Google’s Servers Check The Information Before Certifying A Verified Call

Here’s how this system will work. The business first sends information, such as the business’ phone number, the user’s phone number, as well as the call reason to Google’s Verified Calls server. This information then goes from this server to your Google Phone app.

Now, if the information that your app is getting from the business matches what the business submitted to Google’s server, it comes up as a Verified Call. You can then decide whether this is a call worth picking up or not.

They use reasons like “Scheduling your internet installation” or “Your food delivery” as examples of how this could be useful. The support page also informs us that Verified Calls will be turned on by default. Users can, of course, choose to turn it off.

Google’s Verified Calls Don’t Share Personally Identifiable Information With Businesses

The support page also lists various steps that Google is taking to ensure the user’s privacy when it comes to this feature. The Verified Calls system doesn’t share any of your data with businesses, other than the fact that you have turned on the Verified Calls feature. Any personally identifiable information from your Google Account isn’t involved Verified Calls.

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