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About The Mistake Made By KKR Captain Dinesh Karthik Which Led To The Team's Defeat - The Tech Education
Gautam Gambhir
Source: PTI
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Gautam Gambhir Talks About The Mistake Made By KKR Captain Dinesh Karthik Which Led To The Team’s Defeat

In the previous IPL 2020 match between KKR and DC, KKR lost the match by 18 runs. Former player Gautam Gambhir spoke on where did KKR actually go wrong.

Gautam Gambhir Points Out KKR Skipper’s Mistake

Kolkata Knight Riders faced a 18-run defeat against Delhi Capitals. And many are blaming KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik for the team’s defeat. After the match, former Indian Cricketer pointed out the reasons on where the team went wrong during the match.

Gautam Gambhir
Source : iplt20.com

Gambhir said that Karthik made a huge mistake by sending Varun Chakravarthy to bowl at the last over. He added that at that crucial moment the skipper should have send some experienced bowlers like  Pat Cummins, Sunil Narnie who were undoubtedly the best bowlers of the team.

Moreover he also said that Karthik should reconsider the team arrangement and make Sunil Narnie the opening batsman instead of Rahul Tripathi. Therefore according to Gambhir KKR’s defeat has a lot to do with the team arrangement as well as decisions by the skipper Dinesh Karthik.

Apart from Gambhir, even cricketer S. Sreesanth has also criticized Karthik and said that the team needs a better captain. He even suggested the team to select Eoin Morgan as their new captain.

Dinesh Karthik’s Statement

After the match Karthik gave his statement saying that he will work on the team’s arrangement by discussing with the coaching staff. He also said that he didn’t think much while sending Varun Chakravarthy to bowl in the last over.

Gautam Gambhir
Source: Times Now

But the KKR skipper has admitted that his decisions somehow led to the team’s defeat. Therefore he has assured that he will rectify all the mistakes and make a great comeback in the upcoming match.

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