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Corrupt Approach" A Player Competing In IPL 2020 Has Reported Putting the BCCI 's Anti Corruption Unit On A High Alert - The Tech Education
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“Reported As Corrupt Approach” A Player Competing In IPL 2020 Has Reported Putting the BCCI ‘s Anti Corruption Unit On A High Alert

A player competing in IPL 2020 is report as ” Reported As Corrupt Approach” put the BCCI’ anti-corruption unit on a high alert. Currently, IPL 2020 conducting in UAE, which is regarded as coronavirus free zone. The threat remains the same because of large online networks of corruptors.

The ACU unit of BCCI Chief Ajit Singh, who is leading the eight-man team in the UAE. ” We are tracking this could take some while” the former DGP of Rajasthan, says when if alleged corruptor has been nabbed.

As per the protocols, the name of the player does not reveal for some confidentiality purposes. With the players and the support staff staying in the bio bubble, unlike the others. The ACU is concentrate on more on possible online approaches.

“The best part is that the player who was approached immediately sensed that something is fishy. He had a suspicion, and he immediately shared his concerns with the ACU. Every player, even those who have come from the Under-19, are well aware of every anti-corruption protocols”—the BCCI official.

Source : newsindiaexpress.com

Due to health safety protocols this year, the ACU had organised its mandatory counselling sessions virtually for all the eight teams.

The BCCI has tied up with UK-based company Sportradar, which offers “integrity services” to prevent betting and other corrupt practices during the upcoming IPL through its Fraud Detection Services.

According to an ICC investigation report. Ashfaq and Hayat had UAE Dirhams 15,000 (about Rs 3,00,623). Each from a known corrupter in exchange for fixing aspects of an international match.

So, when the IPL commences in the UAE from Saturday. A big question is whether the shadow of corruption and match-fixing allegations will be dispell by once and for all.

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