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Transgender Man, Keira Bell, Sues Gender Clinic: Says The Clinic 'Should Have Challenged' Her More -
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Former Transgender Man, Keira Bell, Sues Gender Clinic: Says The Clinic ‘Should Have Challenged’ Her More

Source: Daily Mirror

Keira Bell was once known as a transgender man. She had now decided to sue the gender identity clinic, which permitted her to begin her medical transition when she was only 16 years old.

Keira revealed that during her teenage years, she used to suffer from gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria is a type of distress felt due to dissimilarity between one’s gender identity and one’s sex.

The Tavistock Clinic only had five appointments with Keira. She was then asked to take male hormones at 16-years-old.

Later, when she was 20-year-old, she went ahead and had a double mastectomy.

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What Does Keira Say Regarding Her Experience?

Source: Daily Mail

This Tuesday, Keira talked to ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and stated that she never had a proper psychiatric assessment.

That would have helped her understand what made her feel the way that she did.

According to Keira, had she had a psychiatric assessment, she may never have opted to transition in the first place.

She said: “I grew up very gender non-conforming, so that along with sexuality struggles led to feelings of alienation, and I became very depressed in my teens and definitely distressed about my body, and all of that kind of manifested as gender dysphoria.”

Keira also claims that during the time of her appointment she wasn’t really happy.

She constantly felt like nobody was actually willing enough to listen to what she had to say.

Keira changed her name through deed poll and also changed her official documents. She started identifying herself as a boy.

What According To Her Went Wrong With The Whole Medical Transition Process?

Source: BBC

Keira feels that the entire process was carried out at a swift pace. That, in turn, pushed her into making wrong decisions.

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She explained that now when she looks back, she feels that everything was very rushed. She also wishes there was at least some psychiatric assessment before the procedure.

Keira added that once you find yourself in that road, it’s tough to revert from it.

Also, once those drastic changes have happened to your body, it becomes really difficult to accept that you’ve made a mistake.

Keira even feels like the hormones have made her stunted. She worries she may never have children on her own.

Keira stated that what happened will affect her forever, and she needs to make peace with that.

She needs to accept herself for how she is and move on in life.

What Is Keira’s Opinion About The Process Of Sex-Change?

Source: Daily Mail

According to Keira, one cannot change his/her sex. She claims that gender confirmation surgery and taking hormones in itself can never address psychological problems.

Keira said, “People may say it’s helped them but for how long, for two, five, ten years?”

At present, she has stopped taking hormones for two years.

She said that now that she is grounded back in reality, she feels very healthy.

She is presently only focusing on her personal development and is trying to get back on her feet.

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