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For The First Time In Decade LeBron Takes The Lakers To The Finals

The Lakers are into the finals for the first time in a decade all thanks to Lebron James. And even Lebron James is in the finals since 2018.


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James scored twenty-nine points in total, helping the Lakers go through the finals. James said,

“It’s the reason I wanted to be a part of this franchise, to take them back to a place that they were accustomed to being”


Lebron James is going for the finals for the 11th time overall- four times with Miami and six times with Cleveland and now with the Lakers.

It is James’ ninth time getting into this round for the last ten consecutive season.

The Lakers are into the finals for the first time since 2010, and that is indeed a huge thing. Other players such as Markieff Morris scored sixteen, Anthony Davis scored thirteen while Kyle Kuzma and  Danny Green added seventeen and fourteen respectively.

The Other Team

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On the other hand, James Harden, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook each scored thirty, thirteen and ten respectively for Houston.

Harden said,

“Tough season for us, Obviously, it didn’t end like we wanted it to. Just got to figure it out.”

The game ends in this way, and the Lakers got a long way to go.




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