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c0, Fans Go Crazy As They Spot Shahrukh Khan at Match Of KKR and RR!
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Fans Go Crazy After They Spot Shahrukh Khan In Yesterday’s Match Of KKR and RR!

Shahrukh Khan, the romantic star of Bollywood is as evergreen as IPL will ever be. You see he stays low-key, but there are times when he rocks the charts and fans go crazy about it. India’s most powerful actor, kind and compassionate, is in Dubai right now, chilling with family Gauri and Aryan. This was reported when he was spotted yesterday in the match between KKR and RR.

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In the international stands of Dubai cricket stadium, on Wednesday Sharukh Khan was seen in a purple beanie and obviously a mask. Can you deny that the star has got his own style and sense? Moreover, he wore this to support KKR’s colour of Jersey. And has a time ever came when Shahrukh khan was not looking handsome? Nope. That is one thing that won’t happen. Ever.

Shahrukh Khan At Dubai Stands!

Furthermore, photos of the actor chilling with his family have been unconditionally viral all over the internet. Twitter was particularly the one which had a total meltdown. And who forgot to mention his long hairs? Although he changed in white later, his wife Gauri and Aryan were also dressed in violet. There faces being uptightly masked. The atmosphere of KKR and Sharukh was all happy as KKR did beat Rajasthan Royals with 37 runs.

After KKR won the match SRK also tweeted and announced all in the social media. Sharing Sachin Tendulkar’s tweet he said that anything he would say other than the legend would mean nothing. The big-hearted actor also said that the boys are doing great and he loves them all a lot. Such happy vibes after reading it all, isn’t it? He quoted lots of Pyaar from little afar, referring to social distancing. However, we all know that KKR is owned by SRK, actress Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta.¬†

Kolkata Knight Riders have won two of the three matches the team has played in this season of IPL so far. KKR will next play against Delhi Capitals on October 3. Wishing them all the best for all their future success.

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