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0m1, 5, s0, puo, u, x, 7ra, rwy, go, gim, p8, 18i, zh, rre, krt, uy7, qr3, nub, Ellen Launches Her 18th Season With An Apology Monologue For The Toxic Work Environment She Was Criticised For - The Tech Education
ANDREW HARNIK/ASSOCIATED PRESS ARCHIVES Ellen Degeneres is (finally) back on the stand-up comedy circuit, and brings her show to S.F. for three nights, Aug. 15-17.
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Ellen Launches Her 18th Season With An Apology Monologue For The Toxic Work Environment She Was Criticised For

Ellen DeGeneres launched the 18th season of her show on Monday. The comedian was blamed for showing no respect to the staff members, and the producers promoted a toxic work environment.

What Was The Monologue About?

Ellen in her monologue apologised for “ever hurting” anyone. She mentioned;  she has the power and privilege of being a boss of 270 people but along that comes the responsibility as well. And therefore;

” I take responsibility for what happens at my show.”

She further mentioned, how, after the allegations and the investigation, she found out things that happened which “never should have happened.”

Ellen, during her apology monologue.


Ellen said; she took this seriously and also apologised to people who were affected. She further thanked the 270 people who work for the show by giving them the credit of making the programme what it is. Therefore, wanting each one of them to be proud of being a part of the show.

She promised to put in maximum effort to make this season as the best ever season of the show.

DeGeneres also claimed to be the same person in real life as she is on TV. She mentioned how, despite being a “great actress” she couldn’t fool the audience for 17 years.

These were the key points of her apology monologue, which has been criticised by many due to the humour she added into the speech.

An Insincere PR Move?

The show had a virtual audience, and most of them considered the apology as a fake one and more of a deal!

Ellen started by asking how was everyone’s summer and mentioned her summer as great and a super terrific one! It was sarcastic since the allegations were made this summer and the controversies began at that time.

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A former employee stated how she had turned the work staff’s trauma into a made everything about herself.

Ellen, during her speech, kept emphasising on how she focuses on her growth as a person and that she too feels bad if she lets someone down by mistake.

One of the current employees stated the monologue as an “insincere PR move to win the audience back.”

However, the team was glad with Ellen directly addressing the controversy.


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