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4ci, 2k, CSK vs RR: Let's Predict What Happens Between The Winning Head And The New Team That'll Hit The Ground - The Tech Education
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CSK vs RR: Let’s Predict What Happens Between The Winning Head And The New Team That’ll Hit The Ground

CSK couldn’t have a better start with winning the opening match of the tournament. CSK, who have a winning head will play against the RR, who will play their first match of IPL 2020. The match will take place on Tuesday.

CSK vs RR; What’s In Store For Each Team?

CSK was suspected of having a setback with Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh opting out of IPL this year. However, the team proved that they could thrive in difficult situations.

Whereas we are yet to see if Rajasthan Royals prove the same since Jos Buttler, the batting tycoon and all-arounder Ben Stokes are missing.

Meanwhile,  all-rounder, Dwayne Bravo is expected not to play this match, the spotlight thief of the last match, Sam Curran, might be in the big shoe place. His batting and bowling figures from the previous match are very catchy.

The Rajasthan Royals can end their drought of the winning trophy if there is a great momentum between the young U-19 players and the experienced one’s.

Just like Sam Curran; David Miller is the new guy in the RR that has impressive records. He is also in the predicted XI of the team.

CSK technically has an upper hand and more probable chances of winning!


CSK has the upper hand when it comes to fielding. As Dhoni mentioned last time after the match that the bowlers took time to understand the pitch, RR might have difficulties in here to adjust. However, Mayank Markande, Varun Aaron amongst the others will try their best!

Predicted XI

Here is the list of predicted XI players for today’s match:

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  1. Shane Watson,
  2. Murali Vijay,
  3. Faf du Plessis,
  4. Ambati Rayudu,
  5. MS Dhoni (C&WK),
  6. Kedar Jadhav,
  7. Sam Curran,
  8. Ravindra Jadeja,
  9. Deepak Chahar,
  10. Piyush Chawla and
  11. Lungi Ngidi


  1. Robin Uthappa,
  2. Yashasvi Jaiswal,
  3. Steve Smith (C),
  4. Sanju Samson,
  5. David Miller,
  6. Riyan Parag,
  7. Shreyas Gopal,
  8. Jofra Archer,
  9. Jaydev Unadkat,
  10. Mayank Markande/Rahul Tewatia and
  11. Tom Curran

Wishing the teams best of luck!




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