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Donald Trump Wants More Stimulus Checks As It Is Much Needed During This Crisis, Says Steven Mnuchin

The pandemic has brought in a lot of crisis to the nation and its citizens. Thus the government has released several Stimulus Checks as a part of the Coronavirus relief package in order provide financial help.

Donald Trump Is In Favor Of More Stimulus Checks

Several relief packages has been released so far in lieu of the pandemic. And it is said that one more stimulus check is on its way. As per the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, President Trumps thinks that stimulus checks are a need of this hour. Hence he doesn’t mind if more checks are to be released in order to help the citizens.

Stimulus Checks
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As negotiations are going on about the exact amount of the upcoming package, Mnuchin said that he had a discussion with Trump. And from that they came to a conclusion that they need more stimulus to help in re-building the economy of the nation.

Moreover he also gave an overview on the final investment on the upcoming Stimulus bill. And he said that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proposed a bill of somewhere around $2.5 trillion dollar. Also she is not willing to have further discussion on that.

So before both the Houses agree to a mutual decision nothing can be announced. Because it is about a huge investment and is related to the future of the country.

But one thing is for sure that Trump and Mnuchin are focusing on unemployment and loss of small scale businesses amidst the pandemic. Therefore the upcoming stimulus checks will have more emphasis on these issues.

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Expectations From The Upcoming Check

Well as it is already mentioned that Trump is giving emphasis on unemployment as well as loss in small scale business. Therefore it is said that the upcoming Stimulus Checks will have some extra benefits.

Stimulus Checks
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And that is for those who lost their jobs during this pandemic.

Moreover there are speculations that every unemployed American will get $3oo weekly bonus. Also people with low income range might get $1200 like the previous checks.

But many other from the opposition are not happy with this proposal. As they think that this will not be sufficient enough. Hence they want a Stimulus Bill exceeding $2 trillion dollar at least.

So until an unless both the Houses agree to a specific amount we can’t predict anything.

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