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Donald Trump Slammed By Retired General For His Remark On War Martyrs, Called An ‘Anti-Patriot.’

Donald Trump is known for his controversial statements. And also faces huge criticism for that. This time his comment on war martyrs stirred controversy.

Retired General Calls Donald Trump ‘Anti-Patriot’

As elections are round the corner many of Donald Trump’ controversial statements are being criticized. And this time a comment made by Trump in 2018 has recently made the headlines.

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Major General Paul Eaton has recently posted a Twitter video slamming Trump about his derogatory remarks on War Martyrs. So in this video he called Trump an anti patriot. And requested the citizens on not to vote for him. As he said that Trump’s remark cannot be forgiven at any cost.

But what was his remark which has actually grabbed the headlines after two years?

What Was His Controversial Statement?

Well the statement dates back to 2018 when Trump visited France. As per ‘The Atlantic’ published how Trump referred to war martyrs as ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’

Donald Trump
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As per the article Trump couldn’t attend an event at the Cemetery where First World War Martyrs were buried. But as he dismissed the event he gave a statement that the people buried there are all ‘losers.’ Also during an interview he stated that the soldiers who died during the Battle of Belleau Wood were ‘suckers.’

So these derogatory terms were used by Trump against the soldiers who laid their lives for the nation. And that is really ridiculous and hurtful for patriots.

That is the reason Major Elton called Trump ‘anti-patriot.’ And has also said that with these statements he has proved that he has no love for his country. Therefore it is quite unfortunate to have someone like this as the leader of the United Nations.

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But Trump has denied all these allegations. And blamed ‘The Atlantic’ for spreading misleading information. And said that he has a huge respect for the military and war martyrs.

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