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Donald Trump: Raging Back At Barack Obama Tweets!! Says He ” Spied On My Campaign”. The Political War Has Just Begun!!

Barack Obama Addressed The Democratic Convention

As we all are evident of Barack Obama’s convention speech on Wednesday Night. Barack Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention ahead of the Presidential Elections. This convention was held at the Museum of American Revolution, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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In this convention, Barack Obama targeted President Donald Trump directly. He denounced President Trump as he has not grown into the job because he cannot. Barack Obama also said that Trump Administration would “tear our democracy down” to win. Well, this much sufficient to trigger President Donald Trump.

President Trump Took A Rage Over Obama’s Speech

Post convention, President Trump took it to Twitter to respond to the tearing. President Trump not only bashed Barack Obama, but he also took a ditch on Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is the Candidate for Vice President from Democrats. She is the Senator from California.
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So President Trump tweeted, “He Spied on my campaign, and got caught”. In another tweet, Donald Trump asked “ Why did he refuse to endorse slow Joe until it was all over, and even then was very late? Why did he try to get him not to run?”

And the Twitter War Continues

Well, Donald Trump didn’t stop here. President Trump also targeted Kamala Harris. He asked Kamala Harris that why didn’t she called Biden a Racist.  But once she called Joe Biden incompetent. And after this “Twitter War” between Trump and Other politicians, other politicians also jumped into this Twitter War.
Source: dailymail
Also, Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator supported President Trump. He allegedly claimed that the Obama administration was pathetically weak. And this was the actual reason why People of the United States elected President Trump.
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