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Donald Trump Might Refuse To Leave White House If He Loses Re-Election Fears Sen. Bernie Sanders, Asks US To Be Prepared

Presidential elections are round the corner. And Senator Bernie Sanders is  fearing that Trump might actually not be ready to leave his position even if he loses to Joe Biden.

 Bernie Sanders Fears That Donald Trump Might Not Leave White House

The Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders has recently revealed his greatest fear. As Presidential elections are near there has been a lot of things bothering him. And one such thing is that he is really afraid that Donald Trump might actually refuse to let go off his position even if he loses to Joe Biden.

Bernie Sanders
Source: Reuters

Sanders revealed this in an interview with POLITICO. As we went on saying that the US should be well prepared for such a scenario. Because Trump will not accept defeat if he loses the elections. And will try his level best on not letting go off his position.

And the Senator clarified that these are not just his thought or baseless speculations. Because he has already pointed out some possible scenarios which might take place if Trump loses.

What Sanders Actually Speculates?

So as a part of that Sanders said that Trump might create a chaos on the election day. And might use illegal strategies to win the elections. Also if he loses he might play the victim card and accuse the opposition of using illegal means to win against him. Therefore he will claim that a massive fraud in the voting process has taken place.

Bernie Sanders
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Therefore Sanders said that America cannot afford any such tantrums related to the election results. Hence the people should be prepared from now on.

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Also he said that he is trying to aware the people from now on about the probable consequences that might be created by Trump if he loses. Therefore he said that media organisations ,social media companies and other news platforms should be alert that they should not spread misinformation of bizarre claims by Trump if he loses the elections.

Thus everybody should know beforehand that Trump is making such statements because he doesn’t want to accept defeat. Sanders also said that staying alert is the only way America can avoid Trump’s tantrums if he loses.

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