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Voices On Racism, Police Brutality To Echo In UNHRC

Walking the talk to set a positive algorithm for the world, UNHRC has agreed to hold urgent debates. In light of recent events, the theme of the debates would be racism and police brutality as the broad theme.

What Led To This Decision?

The African countries put forward a request to the UNHRC to craft a world opinion. The Co-ordinator of African countries, Burkina Faso spoke and had put forward a request. The representation of Africa countries should bring justice to people of their soil, the countries believe. Further, it was considered that an urgent debate on the same would be fruitful because protests all over the country would be bolstered by virtues.

Protests In USA
source-the telegraph


The entire world counts the death of George Floyd as unfortunate. Moreover, this is not a distinct incident. As the situation aggravates, International Bodies and the voices therein can help evolve ideas. Haywire administration, rigid formalities and miscommunication rule the motivation of police brutalities.  The issue, after all, seems universal to the UN Ambassador. Consequently, a new dynamic emerges. The new dynamic constitutes systematic racism.


How important are these debates? Also, to what extent does soft rules and regulation change the world dynamic? This is certainly not the first time an international body has stepped in to give a platform to voices. No matter how stubborn some superpowers might seem to accept the validity of these institutions, they hold significance. Consequently, countries that face atrocities, by foreign interference or internally, seek haven here.No matter how many protests are held, word of mouth shall emerge the strongest tool of arbitration and change.

Consequently, the pressure to pursue reforms within the administration for countries like the USA or UK is unleashed. Moreover, some institutions in these countries also contribute to justice. A recent order by the Supreme Court of USA to bar discrimination against LGBTQ workers is an example.

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