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Dominic Thiem Won The US Open Within 1st 2 Sets, First Man To Win After 71 Years? - The Tech Education
Dominic Thiem
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Dominic Thiem of Austria celebrates with the championship trophy after winning in a tie-breaker during his Men's Singles final match against Alexander Zverev of Germany on Day Fourteen of the 2020 US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 13, 2020 in the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Dominic Thiem Won The US Open Within 1st 2 Sets, First Man To Win After 71 Years?

The Nation has found the next champion of the US Open. With 1st 2sets of gameplay Dominic Thiem has won the US Open tournament. The match took place on Sunday and the court was 20 feet above the sea level. He got the Grand slam after an unpleasant beginning and finally, he became the champion after his fourth try.

Dominic Thiem Defeated Alexander Zvereve

He defeated Alexander Zvereve with a score of 2,6, 4,6, 6,4, 6,3, 7,6 (7). Dominic has created history after winning his first Grand Slam. Thomas Muster joined Dominic who won the French Open in the year of 1995. He is the only Australian tennis player to win the Major Tennis Championship.

Dominic became the only man from any nation, who won the major title of Tennis Championship even during this pandemic.

Why The US Open Was So Important For Dominic Theim?

Thiem said in an interview that he has achieved a life goal and this winning is a dream to himself. He then says that he was trying so hard to get here and finally he has reached his destiny. He continued to say tha he dedicated his entire life to win this US open championship. Of course, the first victory will bring joy in the face of the champion.

The bubble conducted around 14, 273 Covid-19 tests, and it was deconstructed on a Sunday night. Thiem somehow got himself from the toughest test of all. He took 321 points during the match and authorities took almost four hours to decide.

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How did Dominic Collapse After The Victory?

After winning the game, Thiem collapsed in the court out of happiness. Thiem’s hard work was paid off after winning this match. Although the opponent was his old friend and they knew each other since childhood. Dominic forgot about the social distancing and hugged his old friend Alexander. He became the youngest finalist in 10 years.

Thiem said after the game that they were both tested negative for almost fourteen times. He then said that he wanted to share this movement after winning the game and they didn’t put anyone in danger. He continued by saying that it was really amazing journey that brought him and his opponent to share this beautiful moment.

The winning champion and his team will be celebrating after the match, but he also wanted to be with his hurting friend ‘Sascha Zvereve’.

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