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Meghan Markle Princess Diana's Gold Cartier Watch? If Not, Then Why Does She Owns It? - The Tech Education
Meghan Markle
Source: Foxnews
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Did Prince Willaim Give Meghan Markle Princess Diana’s Gold Cartier Watch? If Not, Then Why Does She Owns It?

Meghan Markle is often spotted wearing Late Princess Diana’s Gold Cartier watch. But it was Prince Willaim who chose to keep it with him. Did he give it to Meghan?

Meghan Markle And Princess Diana’s Gold Cartier Watch

In different occasions we have spotted Prince Harry’s wife or the Duchess of Sussex wearing Late Princess Lady Diana’s Gold Cartier Watch.  And we are surprised because it was Prince Willaim who had chose to keep his later mother’s favorite watch.

Meghan Markle
Source: Getty Images

And Prince Harry had chosen to keep Princess Diana’s engagement ring. That is the thing which surprises us. Because of Prince Willaim had kept his mother’s gold watch then why is Prince Harry’s wife wearing it? Before knowing the reason let us know that why Prince Willaim wanted the Gold Cartier Watch whereas Harry kept his mother’s engagement ring?

Well in a documentary Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell had explained on how both the brothers chose their late mother’s belongings. Prince Willaim who was merely 15 then wanted to have his mother’s gold Cartier watch. And he wanted this because it was very close to her heart.

Meghan Markle
Source: BBC

And the reason is that her father had gifted this to her on her 21st birthday. That is the reason Prince Willaim kept the watch. And as for Prince Harry who was 12 then wanted her engagement ring because the rings would always remind him of his mother. Because when he use to hold her hand the ring always hurt him because it was big in size.

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Therefore the ring would always make him feel like Princess Diana is still holding his hands.

Why The Duchess Of Sussex Owns The Watch Now?

Well the reason dates back to the time when Prince Willaim was all set to propose Kate Middleton. It was in 2010, when Prince Willaim actually decided that he wanted to propose her with his mother’s engagement ring. But it was already possessed by his younger brother Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle
Credit: Photo by NIC

Therefore Prince Willaim though of a better idea. He told his brother that it would be really appropriate for him to propsse to Kate with Lady Diana’s ring therefore he suggested that they should swapped their mother’s belongings. That is when Prince Harry gave him the engagement watch and kept the Gold Cartier watch to himself.

That is the reason that post his marriage with Megan Markle, Prince Harry gave her his mother’s precious gold cartier watch. Therefore we have seen the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her late mother-in-laws favorite watch. And we must say that she absolutely looks gorgeous in it.

Apart from the watch she has also been spotted wearing Princess Diana’s other precious ornaments. She was spotted wearing Diana’s aquamarine ring on her wedding day. And this had caught a lot of attention because it was Diana’s one of the favorite rings.

Not only Meghan but the Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton has also been spotted wearing her mother-in-law’s precious assets and she carries it quite well.

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