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1, A Mom From Netherlands Claimed That Peppa Pig Dinner Set Is Completely Inappropriate For Her Toddler - The Tech Education
Maggy Van Eijk peppa pig
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A Mom From Netherlands Claimed That Peppa Pig Dinner Set Is Completely Inappropriate For Her Toddler

Peppa pig dinner set strangely surprised a mother from Netherland. However, she was horrified to discover that the dinner set which she ordered was utterly inappropriate. The mother name was Maggy Van Eijk, and she bought the set for her two years old daughter.

What Maggy Van Eijk Received When She Ordered A Peppa Pig Dinner Set?

Maggy thought that the character in dinner set with lots of character would help her child to eat. But when the package arrived, it shocked Maggy, and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Maggy tweeted on her timeline and said that her child unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set. However, she accidentally ordered a French version, and it was written groin all over the plates and cup.

It’s clear that the child will not be able to read what’s written on her dinner set. Although but it is inappropriate for children to have a plate which is written full of word with ‘groin’.

Maggy expected that she would receive some plate which will have cute words like ‘Oink’. But she never expected she would receive a plate which says groin. As a matter of facts, she ordered a French version of a dinner set which means pig’s snout.

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Maggy Revealed About The Incident In An Interview With The Evening Standard

During the interview with The Evening Standard, Maggy said that her daughter turned two and she is thankful that she is not able to read it yet. At the end its not manufacturer mistakes, its Maggy’s mistake who ordered the wrong version of the plate. She ordered a French dinner set and this became a trending post on social media.

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