Did ‘Minecraft couple’ Crainer And Thea Break Up? Rumors Or Real, Know Here!

Did Crainer and Thea break up? The YouTube couple is the talk of the town wherever they go. How long will they last when they work together? Aren’t we harsh? Isn’t it true, though? There are a lot of YouTube stars and other people who make money from their videos getting into relationships.

They have affairs, cheat, fight, or even divorce. The relationship between Crainer and Thea would be the same. Or might they be different? First, let’s show you Crainer and Thea’s background stories. Then we’ll show you their love story, or maybe their break-up story, as well. Go down the page and see.

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Short Biography of Crainer & Thea:

Crainer was born in Denmark on December 12, 1994, and he was born on that same day in the country. Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard is the name he used to be when he was a child. There is no information about his parents because he doesn’t share any information about them with anyone. In his family, there is a sister named Josefine.

When we talk about his education, we only know that he went to high school in Denmark. When he started out as a gamer, he used Twitch to get his start. After he had a lot of fans, he moved to YouTube.

After making Minecraft videos with the Modded SkyBlock for YouTube, he joined on March 5, 2014. It’s not just his main YouTube channel. He has a second one called “Crainer Roblox,” and it’s on the same site. It is a Roblox fansite.

Thea Kornum was born on 22 April 1998 in Akirkeby, Bornholm, Denmark. With her boyfriend, Crainer, she started a YouTube channel in March 2017. Her social personality started to become more well-known because of this.

When she has a video on YouTube, it’s called Thea and Crainer- Minecraft. Thea talks mostly about playing Minecraft with her boyfriend. When Thea isn’t making videos on YouTube, she’s also making money on Instagram. She has a lot of people who like her on Instagram.

How they have Started their Relationship?

In a nutshell, there is little information available on how Crainer and Thea met. Prior to meeting Thea, Crainer made a reference to another YouTuber named Fie Laursen. Despite this, they have been unable to maintain their relationship and have chosen to separate, each focusing on their different careers.

Crainer met Thea, who was then a social media identity, and the two began dating. The Dutch couple has kept their private life closely guarded. All we have to show for it now are their bizarre prank videos and vlogs on their couple’s YouTube channel. Finally, the YouTube pair decided to formalize their relationship and married in June  2019.

Is the Couple Still Together?

Maybe Yes Or NO!

Crainer and Thea are still happily wedded to each other. As a result, there will be no separation or divorce. Crainer has always been a reserved individual. As a result, fans know nothing about his personal life. There is little information available regarding how they met or began dating.

However, based on the most recent post by Crainer, we may infer that things are not going well between the pair. The couple has deleted each other’s posts from their social media accounts.

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