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Cardi B Having A Divorce? After 3 Years Of Marriage She Filled A Divorce Against Offset, Said He Cheated On Her Again

The American rapper Cardi B has recently filed a divorce against his husband Offset. However, their marriage did not last more than three years.

Why Cardi B Filed A Divorce Against Offset?

Carbi has sung most of the famous songs which promote like money and female empowerment and for her playful. However, it’s shocking for the fans when they came across that she had filed a divorce against her husband. The court hearing will begin on November 4. Fulton country, Georgia reported that Cardi B had filed the divorce.

The representatives of Cardi did not mention any information regarding the case. Cardi and Offset became a couple in the year of 2017. They married in the year of 2017 and had a daughter named Kulture who was born in 2018. During the Year of 2018, Cardi said that they both have separated for a while so that they could unite later.

Cardi B Career And her Relationship

This report came in this Tuesday, and it could affect the career of Cardi. She had her single “WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion it was on top on the billboard for almost three weeks.

Cardi said on Instagram that they love each other, but things are not working between them almost for a long time now. She came live in December 2018 on Instagram and revealed all this with the viewers.

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Cardi’s Confession

Cardi has more than 75.5 million followers, and all the fans were in shock that she is getting divorced from her husband. She also said that they both grew from love, but later they are not together anymore.

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Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar who is famous for the name as ‘Cardi B’ said on an interview with Vague that she had spirited with him over his husband’s infidelity. She also said that they have talked with each other and had a clear understanding of themselves but for her faithfulness matters and its the only way.

Cardi B has already planned custody for her two years old daughter Kulture whose real name is Kiari Cephus

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