Did Hyuna And Dawn Split Up After 6 Years Together? What Happened Between Them?

Where did Hyuna and Dawn go? HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016, and they told the public about it in 2018. The K-pop stars said they were getting married on February 3, 2022. People thought of them as a power couple. But, what did Hyuna and Dawn do? Read the article below to find out more.

Did Hyuna And Dawn Break Up?

Dawn Reveals What He and Hyuna Won't Do If They Break Up - Koreaboo

Dawn and HyunA’s relationship has ended for good. The well-known K-pop power couple has broken up after six years of dating. On November 30, HyunA posted a screenshot of a small note to her fans on her main Instagram grid to let people know about the news. “We parted ways.

We decided to stay good friends and work together. Thank you for being there for us and watching out for us all the time.” Soompi’s translation of the simple letter says that it says. At the time of writing, Dawn had yet to say anything on his own social media about the breakup.

What Happened Between Dawn And HyunA?

HyunA and Dawn left their agency, P Nation, at the beginning of this year. Before PSY’s P Nation, the two of them worked at a company called Cube Entertainment. When they told their boss about their relationship, they were fired. HyunA’s contract was over in October 2018, and Dawn’s was over in November 2018.

But nothing in their personal lives changed, and they all joined P Nation. After Dawn asked HyunA to marry her, they posted cute things about each other on their social media. When asked about marriage in interviews, HyunA said she wasn’t sure yet, and when Dawn was asked the same thing, he said it could happen as soon as next week. This could be why they broke up, since they weren’t on the same page.

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How Long Has HyunA Been Dating Dawn?

HyunA and Dawn used to be on the same record label, Cube Entertainment. They began dating in 2016 but didn’t tell anyone about it until 2018. After letting everyone know about their relationship, the two quit their jobs to be with each other. When they joined “Gangnam Style” star PSY’s record label, PNation, in 2019, they became a mainstay duo.

Even though HyunA and Dawn were signed as solo artists, they have put out projects and performed live as a duo. In February 2022, the couple posted a picture on Instagram that looked like it was an engagement ring, but they never confirmed the news. The end of their relationship was just one of many big changes in their lives recently. In August, the two also said that they were leaving PNation.

Are They Still Dating?

HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016, and they told the public about it in 2018. The K-pop stars said they were getting married on February 3, 2022. They both posted on Instagram about their engagement at the same time. DAWN posted a video that said “Marry Me” and showed their matching wedding bands.

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HyunA sent back the same video and wrote, “Of course, it’s a yes.” It’s hard to believe that the cutest K-Pop couple isn’t together anymore. Today, when HyunA confirms that they are no longer together, fans have mixed feelings. We hope that HyunA and DAWN will do well in the future.

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