Who Is Delta From the Boruto Series? More About The Character


Delta is the protagonist of the Boruto Shippuden series, making her first appearance in episode 157. She left a great impression on Naruto by the time she was seen dueling with him in episode 198.

A Boruto fan would agree when I say that Delta has been one of the most captivating personalities in the series. She displays amazing strength and extraordinary abilities. So, who is Delta? Delta, who originates from the Boruto series, is an antagonist in the Kara Organization. She is destructive and chaotic which became a major obstacle for Naruto too.

Who Is Delta From Boruto Series?

Delta is not the most well-liked character in Boruto, which is strange since she makes it so much more watchable. She was introduced at the very beginning of this anime series and her mystery has always been a major topic among fans. Many fans love Her. Let’s take a closer look at this character to understand who she is.


Although the series Boruto is just a manga or anime for young male adults, we can tell in a first glance that Mikio Ikemoto, illustrator of the Boruto manga wanted to make Delta very attractive. People believe Delta is part of the powerful, elite class of shinobi.

Delta has blonde hair. Before her animation, fans thought that she might have an orange hue or be a brunette. She wears yellow eyeshadow and lipstick to complete her look. Delta (デルタ) is the granddaughter of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. She also has a tattoo on her forehead which says “I” in roman numerals. In the manga, it is colored green, but in the anime, his tattoo was yellow instead.

Delta is one of the ninjas in the Boruto series. She appears with long hair that flows all around her and has purple eyes. Her clothing consists of a turquoise outfit underneath a black cloak, to match she paints her nails yellow.

Delta is a character from the Boruto series with angry-looking eyebrows. They are yellow, contrasting sharply with her dark skin tone. It is from Boruto is an amazing character with a powerful aura who looks fearless and confident.Delta from Boruto


Delta, the character in the Boruto series goes to battle Naruto. She is a cyborg who, while being naive, has a short temper and goes out of control easily. Despite this one flaw, she has proven herself to Kara by her continued loyalty as a henchman working for her father Dr Otto Octavius.

She possesses many villainous qualities such as being sadistic and merciless when it comes to those Delta’s high superiority complex often leads to violence when she is proven wrong. She also shows signs of being a sore loser and cannot stand the thought of not winning. It can be amusing to imagine the amount of anger she carries despite being a cyborg!

One of Delta’s flaws is her impulsiveness/lack of careful planning. She might get violent, attacking anyone who crosses her. She is a villain in the Boruto series, but she has no empathy—making her even more dangerous.Delta Boruto


She is a member of Kara’s inner circle. She threatened Kawasaki with her mere appearance. Delta had commendable counterattacks in episode 198, though it becomes obvious Naruto was not fighting to win and he’s holding back throughout the fight. She shields the Hidden Leaf. She is a character from the Boruto series. She uses Genjutsu Communication as her fighting Jutsu, which allows her to create projections that can visually alter reality.

Her main tools of choice are the absorbing eye, shinobi ware, space-time gate, and a spy drone.

She can release ninjutsu from her eyes, enabling her to detect it within their range and counteract regenerative properties. She is equipped with a number of high-end ninja tools – aka shinobi ware. These implants provide her with increased combat abilities.

The space-time gate allows her to travel between Kara and the Kyodai Monastery. One of Delta’s functions is using her drone, which stores her consciousness. While her drones usually stay near their user, they can also be used remotely. She, not to be confused with Delta Airlines, is from the Boruto series. After her “death”, she used a drone to transfer her consciousness into a new body.

Taijutsu Ability

Delta is skilled in Taijutsu, and her combat capabilities are on a level that surpasses another ninja. Naruto has to work to best Delta as she is too technical for him at first.

Body Modification Ability

Delta was a member of an organization known as Akatsuki who could modify her body to suit any situation. Delta’s most prominent modification was that she could turn her legs into rockets, though on lower levels she could also use them for increased speed. her changes to her legs allow them to act as blades. She also gains strength that increases due to her modified body, enabling her nail-like fingers.

The series’ protagonist is Boruto Uzumaki, who follows Naruto’s footsteps and inherits his “Nindo” or ninja way. After we learn the full truth about what happened during the Otsutsuki attack on Konoha, stories in previous episodes can be viewed along with a new perspective.

There was no good explanation for why she came to the Hidden Leaf Village and many of her motivations were unclear. Delta is defeated by Amado’s use of a stop command, leaving little left to explore as far as her character goes.

You can stream the series on Hulu or read its manga on Viz Media.

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