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5d, ul, u, 8, tyw, 3, Dan Clifton Says: S&P 500 Guessed The Election Winner 87% Of Time In the 100 years, But 2020 Will Be A "Fresh Change" - The Tech Education
Dan Clifton Says: S&P 500 But 2020 Will Be A "Fresh Change
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Dan Clifton Says: S&P 500 Guessed The Election Winner 87% Of Time In the 100 years, But 2020 Will Be A “Fresh Change”

The S&P 500  predicted the winner of the US presidential election 87% of the time over the last 100 Years, Dan Clifton Strategies partner said this on Thursday at BNY Mellon webcast. If stocks become higher in the last three months than at the start of September

If stocks are higher in the 3-month period before the election of 2020, the opposition will surely win. Right now its high time. The S&P records tend to drop by 7% leaving it at 3.7 %. The recent data shows that the economy is healing but at a slower pace.

Clifton said that it is important for investors to plan out different scenarios. In a case of a contested election, these results could be as late as by December Mid.”The next 2 months are going to be wild ‘


Identify what is happening in the Economy with the Coronavirus establish the mood in Swing Statements. A traditional Election is going to held in Sept and October, a likely opinion Trump wouldn’t be great for re-elected.

“The race is going to tighten up,” Clifton says to that. He also referred to the fastest uprise rate grow before an election in the US is 6.7% which fives time about the recent prediction.

As per the reports of Strategies Joe Biden chances of winning this year, the election is 55% meanwhile the Trump chances are 45% which makes the almost to equal of Joe Biden now we will see who is going to win this years election 2020.


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