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Why We Think That Trump Is Winning The Race Over Biden?

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The 2016 outcome has ultimately resulted in the fact that the general public no longer believes the polls that show Biden leading over Trump.
Even though Biden appears to lead the polls, voters suspect that Trump can still win the race.
A Pew Research Centre poll published in August clearly shows what is happening. The poll shows Biden up by 8 point which is also quite similar to the average and the Ipsos poll.
However, the same poll also depicts that Americans believe by a 51% to 46% margin that Trump will defeat Biden.
The poll highlights the fact that the voters believe that the race will end in Trump’s favour.
The poll was self-administered by the internet without any live interviewers. So the voters saying they would vote for Biden had no reason to give a socially acceptable answer.
But even so, some voters still feel that the polling is wrong.
Also by about a 5-point margin, voters in a ‘Fox News‘ poll said that they think the majority of their neighbours were voting for Trump over Biden.
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Trump Vs Biden

The ‘Fox News’ poll depicts a marked reversal of what was happening at this period of time in 2016.
In a 2016 mid-August poll, voters said that Clinton was going to win by a  62% to 28% margin.
But the horserace polling in 2016 did have Clinton ahead in the average by less than what Biden is currently up by.
Also, voters wholeheartedly accepted that Clinton would win over Trump.
The fact that the polls proved to be misleading in the previous elections has undoubtedly had a negative impact on people.
Now, Americans not only believe that Trump will win, but they also consider Biden as just a nominal favourite.
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