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Colleagues And GOP Lawmaker Defends Fox Reporter Against Trump- Trump To Actually Lose?

Amidst all the chaos that Trump keeps brewing because of how he can’t stay put, people have started to defend Jennifer Griffin. People and their tweets have skyrocketed too. Not only this but the entire league of reporters and journalists have shown their faith on the woman. Her sense of fairness and reports are seen to be trusted by the citizens. It is also great to see FOX NEWS fighting for the ‘national security correspondent’.

Recently Reports shows that the GOP Lawmakers have chose to defend the brave reporter and fight against Trump. As expected the reporter’s colleagues extended their support while the President’s followers lined up behind him.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) on Saturday defended Fox News reporter saying “She’s one of my favorite reporters. Fair and unafraid.” Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Initially  He called The Atlantic’s report “deeply concerning” and said in a statement that it left him “speechless.”

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Tweets Defending Jennifer!

The chief reporter also said that how great Jennifer is. She is very smart and always tries to keep things fair.

National correspondent Bryan Llenas said that this woman always made others wanted to be a better person and a better reporter.  He also said about how brave, courageous and fair she is. Over the years she has won the credibility and trust of the viewers.

Griffin is a terrific reporter and a wonderful colleague,” State Department correspondent Rich Edson wrote.

“I’ll forever stand by Jennifer,” said senior news producer Rocco Aloe.

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“Jennifer Griffin is all you want in a journalist and a friend,” wrote senior field producer Yonat Friling. “She’s smart, courageous, she strives for professionalism and the truth. I am so proud to be her colleague.”

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