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China Has Come Up With It’s First Potential Game-Changing Vaccine For Covid-19

China, the origin of the coronavirus, which resulted in this vast covid-19 pandemic, has come up with its first vaccine. It seems that China’s new vaccine might shape the epidemic.

Source NDTV

However, a lot of hopes have relied on this new potential vaccine. These are produced by Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm Chinese companies.

Before 2020 ends, their main target is to test the vaccine in three phases in three trials. It will take time to hit the market.

However, according to the manufacturing company, they can produce up to 300 million vaccines per year. A Sinovac representative Claimed, “completed the construction of a vaccine factory.”

Game-Changing Vaccine

However, the first-ever potential game-changing vaccine is on its way.
A lot of nations had targeted China because of the outbreak of this severe pandemic. Moreover, it seems China is going to shape this ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

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Wuhan has become an origin of a success story in the struggle against the deadly Coronavirus.

However, in May, the president of China claimed that China would be producing a vaccine for “global public good.”

However, the real results about the newly formed vaccine will be known only after it passes the required trials.

According to the Global Times, the vaccine produced would be affordable by everyone. Like two doses would cost up to $146m

However, the vaccine produced can deal with the mutations in the coronavirus as well. Hence it counters the most challenging thing about a virus. The modifications in the RNA or the genetic material has been taken care of.

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