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Naked In A PSA To Encourage People To Participate In The Mail-In Ballot Process -
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Celebs Get Naked In A PSA To Encourage People To Participate In The Mail-In Ballot Process

Source: Flipboard

A new PSA features naked Hollywood celebrities asking for people’s co-operation in the voting process.

As if 2020 wasn’t already bizarre enough, celebs are seamlessly pairing their naked bodies with ballots.

Hollywood celebrities like Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler, Chris Rock, Naomi Campbell and Josh Gad have joined hands for a PSA about mail-in voting and “naked ballot” laws.

Not so surprising was the reaction it generated amongst the public.

The weird PSA was severely mocked online by both conservatives and liberals.

GOP Gov. Kristi Noem also did not stand back from taking a shot at the ad.

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Who Created The PSA? What Actually Happens In The Ad?

Source: The Daily Reformer
‘Variety’ reports state that the PSA was formed by ‘RepresentUs‘. It is a self-declared nonpartisan organisation that is “focused on voting rights.”

In the PSA, comedian and actress, Tiffany Hadish says she’s absolutely naked.

Other celebs continue down the same road and inform viewers about their respective birthday suits.

Known left-wing activist and actor, Mark Ruffalo is seen in the ad, stating that he knows what people must be thinking. They must be wanting him to put some clothes on.

Handler, in a similar manner, states that she’s naked because she wants to talk about voting.

The celebrities then ask Americans to follow the guidelines that are stated on their mail-in ballots so that their vote gets counted.

The ‘RepresentUs’ CEO and co-founder, Josh Silver also commented on the ad.

He says “Naked ballots are the new hanging chads…The fact is that if you use the wrong pen colour or don’t assemble your mail-in ballot correctly, your vote may not count. This is not a partisan issue; it affects all people planning to vote by mail.”

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Josh adds by saying that the team of ‘RepresentUs’ is extremely grateful towards those actors.

They appreciate their initiative to make an alarming video in order to make sure that people understand what they require to do to help get their votes counted.

How Did The Public Take The Video?

Source: The Daily Wire

People on social media did not think twice before ridiculing the PSA.

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem commented saying that the PSA is nothing short of insane.

She adds that Hollywood celebs seem to have completely lost their minds.

If they think that showing their naked bodies is in any way going to persuade people to vote, they are wrong.

She even asks the celebrities who were part of the PSA “Why do they think so little of the American people?”

Podcast host Bridget Phetasy teases by saying that the Hillary Clinton lost against Trump in 2016 because of those naked celebrities.

She also mocked by adding that those celebrities have instead convinced her not to vote.

Columnist and podcast host Spencer Klavan also negates the PSA.

He wishes to authorise for a total shutdown on celebrities until the root cause of it comes to light.

Actor James Woods said the whole thing is very ironical. The fact that after just a few months of the ‘MeToo’ hysteria, Hollywood actresses are showing their breasts to make people vote for Biden is berserk.

Apparently, the Left is also using similar tactics to entice voters. They are being assisted by strippers who are convincing people to get out the vote.

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NPR states that strippers in Atlanta have made a PSA named “Get Your Booty To The Polls”.

The PSA includes strippers dancing on a pole and booty-shaking.


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