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Revealed About The Reason Of Her Divorce With Offset And Poured Her Heart Out On The Issue... - The Tech Education
Celebrity Hollywood

Cardi B Revealed About The Reason Of Her Divorce With Offset And Poured Her Heart Out On The Issue…

Hollywood celebrities have always been the talk of the town. Especially, when it comes to their personal life, the interest becomes more in them. Be it their relationships or marriage, the media always keeps an eye on them. Recently, one such has been spotted in the news. We are talking about the rap stars Cardi b and her husband Offset.

Things are not working smooth between the couple. The couple has already filed for the divorce.
The top-notch rapper Cardi b has now opened up about her marriage. She took to Instagram to share her feelings with the fans.

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And straight forward told what’s happened and what’s going on in her marriage. Cardi went on to share that she is not feeling anything sad about her broken marriage. Instead in plain words, she said that she has not shed even a tear about her broken relationship.

Cardi and Offset shared this marriage for about three years.  Even they share a child too. Talking about the reason behind breaking this marriage, she says that she is simply “Tired of arguing”. To give an answer to many speculating the reason behind the divorce to be Offset’s alleged affair, she boldly denied them.

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Also, In 2018, the couple underwent a brief split. Then, before Grammy, the couple bounced back and it was speculated that all is well between them. But, recently when the couple filed for divorce proceedings, a shock wave went among their fans.

Cardi revealed that they both were arguing for a long time on a matter or another. So, they decided to call it off. And, hence filed for divorce.

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