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esk, 55n, v, g, u, ps, x, 93, Can Russia Save Itself From Another Intelligence Trap By U.S. Air Force B-52? - The Tech Education
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Can Russia Save Itself From Another Intelligence Trap By U.S. Air Force B-52?

A U.S. Air Force B-52 was bombed into the international air space over the Black sea. This incident happened on August 28.

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In reply, the Russian Air force Su-27 fighters also fought back. However, according to the Americans, it was unnecessary harassment.

But the joke was mostly on the Russians. However, it was an intelligence trap.

The forces used were generally US and UK based. They are usually used to keep an eye on enemy air-defences.

These are also useful in gaining data on Russian sensors and communications.

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This incident is happening more periodically now. Recently, one B-52 could be seen flying through Ukraine over the Black Sea.

Russia: In Danger?

Furthermore, more two B-52s were swirling over Ukraine. This was the news according to U.S. European Command.

These situations simply portray that NATO, along with the USA, can gather vital strategic intelligence. Additionally, they can even ignite a war.

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B-52s are a part of six bombers that were fired on August 22.

Six days later to this incident, on 28th of August, four out of six flew overall 30 NATO allies. Surprisingly in a single day.

Now the main question arises, weather can Russia save itself from the USA, and its allies in NATO?

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