US President has "No Sense Of Service
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Biden Says US President has “No Sense Of Service,No Loyalty To Any Cause Other Than Himself”

Joe Biden the Democratic Party  Presidential Candidate takes into his target. The US President Donald Trump has “no sense of sensitivity and loyalty other than himself.” A report justified that trump had called the wounded soldiers and those who died in the war are” suckers and losers “.However, Trump didn’t agree with and called it false.

Even if it’s true, and based on everything he has said the article is geniune, I would ask you all the rhetorical questions: How would you feel if you had a child in Afghanistan right now’ How would you feel if you lost a child or a would you feel for real “.Biden said this at his speech in Delaware.

Biden said he had been never been so disappointed with the President than any Leader he had ever worked with. It is such a Disgrace, he added.

US President has "No Sense Of Service

Biden Thinks Trump should Say Sorry

As per the reports of the CNN, the Democratic nominee told reporters that make up his mind to leave  Gold Star at his home, which was awarded to him by Delaware National Guard to honour to his son Beau who served in the military in Iraq because if his son focused too much than he” engages in the kind of language the President used,’ He addressed that it was very shameful and disgusting to insult the families of soldiers and demand an apology from Donald Trump.

This can’t go on for long . It is a Deconstruction of the democratic system. He said it further. This year elections are ready to take this on by November.

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