Buju Banton Celebrates 4 Years Since Release From Imprisonment

Four years ago, Buju Banton a reggae and dancehall musician from Jamaica got out of federal prison in the United States.

On his Instagram page, the celebrity commemorated his release from prison in 2018 by posting celebration messages.

The post said, “I THANK YOU, THIS MAN BREAK FREE… Do not touch the Lord’s anointed.” do his people no harm …”

In the caption, he wrote “Yes Mi Fren,” which is the name of his single with Stephen Marley that will come out in 2020.

During Buju’s court trial in 2010, when Stephen Marley was said to have put up his $350,000 Miami-Dade property as a bond to get Buju out of the Pinellas County Jail, their friendship was praised.

Buju and another close friend, Beres Hammond are working on an album together right now. He also says that he has finished a solo project that hasn’t been released yet.

At the time, Banton was waiting to be tried for conspiring to have more than five kilograms of cocaine with the intent to sell it.

He ended up serving seven years in federal prison and was released on Friday, December 8, 2018, from Georgia’s McMcRae Correctional Institute.

When the Reggae legend got out of jail and went back to his home country of Jamaica, he was treated like a hero.

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