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Breonna Taylor’s Family To Get The Settlement Amount! Is A Human Being’s Life Worth Just $12 M?

Is a human being’s life worth just $12 Million? Maybe yes, because Louisville decides to give $12 million to Breonna Taylor’s family. After being the part of so many protests and being a national slogan, the family is being given money to keep their peace. The institute further aims to change the methods henceforth to prevent death by officers.

This agreement was announced on Tuesday which settled the wrongful death of Breonna Taylor. Her mother, her lawyers and the civil rights activist showed immense unity against the mayor. The government is giving this relief money after six months of day and night’s fight. It’s been six months since the young Taylor has lost her life in a botched up drug raid. The police officers who were responsible for the death of the victim will be punished or not is still in debate. We hope they do.

Taylor’s Family struggles and all you need to know about the case!

Mayor Greg Fischer also said that he would try to do the right thing. And when the right is in front of his eyes, he would never delay it, Said the mayor according to the reports. However, the government paid Taylor’s family the double amount. Eric Garner, the New York man who died in a police chokehold in 2014. While a few similar cases resulted in larger payments. From $13 million to a whopping $38 million, some of them came only after years in court battles. While on the other hand, the Taylor family received it in six months.

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The police slammed into Taylor’s house after midnight without any warning beforehand. And at that moment Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend mistook the police officers for intruders and shot fire. And hence in the chaos one fired the bullet towards the young Taylor which made her bleed to death.

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After this tragedy, specific changes have been made in the law, which is to be followed very strictly. The commanders need to give a written search warrant for the suspect’s cooperation. Secondly, it is now made compulsory for an ambulance to be at standby all the time. Whenever the officers have a warrant against anyone. The city also passed a law called ‘Breonna’s law’ six months ago. In this law, a police can under no circumstances get into the house of a suspect without knocking on doors.

The changes are acceptable, and it will help the community in future. But we do sincerely hope that Breonna Taylor gets justice. That her family do get justice. Stay tuned!

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