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Addison Rae Puts A Twist To The WAP Dance

A song named WAP by singers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion became so famous that the people in Tik Tok dances to it with the exact same choreography as the song.

The Video

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But on Tuesday, Addison Rae, a famous Tik Tok celebrity, posted a video of herself dancing with a little bit of her own twist added to it, a shove-it skateboard trick.

She danced to the song with the original moves and then, without much effort, got on a skateboard. The video was filmed by David Dobrik, who is also a famous Youtuber and an internet sensation.

Addison was perfect with her dance, and she indeed completed the challenge, but in the end, she slightly wiped out, and the skateboard moved out from under her.

But like a professional, she laughed it off and posed to the camera while Dobrik was still filming. He captioned the video as,

‘Get you a girl who can do both,’

New Movie

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Addison looked relaxed with her massive black tee shirt and gray shorts. But recently, she has been going to the gym because of her role in her debut movie, a remake of ¬†She’s All That.

The new movie is titled He’s All That instead of She’s All That.


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