Trump signs the order
Trump signs the order source-FocusnewsEU
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Trump’s New Police Reform Order Draws Criticism

Recently, Trump signed an executive order on ‘Safe Policing For Safe Communities’. This step, taken in a haste is drawing mixed reactions from all level of law enforcement agencies.

What Does The Order Say

The new order basically has three main components- more certification; credential requirements for officers, reporting of officers resorting to excessive violence, and provision to send health officials along. Also, it provides to create a database to keep a record of misconduct. The package would unleash federal grants to meet standards of the department. This incentive seems shallow to the departments.

The Republicans see this as an effort to honour the victims of police brutality while respecting the professionals. Gearing to introduce a new police reform law, the party wants to focus on curbing dangerous police practices along with no-knock warrants.

Black Lives Matter Protests
Black Lives Matter Protests
source-Yemen Press

How Democrats See It

On the other hand, Democrats see this as an easy solution to placate the situation. A number of criticisms, regarding the funding and the aim of the order, have surfaced. Cory Booker, in a statement, said that the order does not go far enough to bring any change at all. The widespread protests have forced the administration to walk some talk but we see no systematic changes to the department.

The Democrats advanced a will to introduce a ban on chokeholds and no-knock warrants. Also, it includes demilitarizing the police and stooping them from wearing bodycams.

The Bottom Line

The Republicans have repeatedly denied defunding the Police. The Senate held its first hearing on the order and is highly criticised. According to many, it lacks accountability and meaningful insight into bringing a change. Moreover, better training of officers is not a problem. Racial profiling is something that a change in credential cannot solve.

More transparency promised by the order goes out of the window if the police have immense power. Protests incited by Floyd’s death will be silenced, but civilians will forever bear the brunt of ignorance by the administration. As many have pointed, nothing will change overnight but legal recognition of the problem is the first step.

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