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BLM Protesters Gathered: Why Did  LA Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot A Black Man On-Spot?

On Monday night, a lot of protesters gathered in South Los Angeles. This gathering occurred due to the killing of a black man and sheriff’s deputies shot.

Source ABC news

However, according to the investigators, the black man was with a handgun and was fighting with the deputies.

On Monday afternoon, this shooting occurred. According to Lt. Brandon Dean, two deputies attacked a man on a bicycle. As it was a violation of vehicle laws. Lt. Brandon if from the LA Sheriff’s Department.

The main reason why the deputies chased the man was that the man got off from the bicycle and started running.

Suspicious Items?

The man held some suspicious items in his hands. Moreover, he attacked one of the officers as well. To be exact, he punched an officer in charge. Later he dropped the things he held.

Dean gave this statement to the reporters later on Monday. Moreover, the belongings he threw constituted of a black semi-automatic revolver. At that time, the shooting occurred.

The man who was being suspected was struck with the officers several times.

However, the investigation is still going on. The handgun that was collected as testimony has been recovered.

Moreover, this incident ignited the Black Lives Matter protest incredibly. The members of BLM in Los Angeles were high on outrage after listening to this on spot deadly shooting.

However, a video of the whole scenario is available in social media as well. The tensions between the protestors and the police can be seen crystal clear.

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