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Bill Tabled To Pull Back Mississippi State Flag

As one of the Confederate Battle symbols, the Mississippi state flag, is all set to get voted out.
It is the last emblem of Confederate in the nation that will also take retirement.

All of this matter to remove the flag arose due to the world-wide protests following the death of a black, George Floyd, which has sparked a mass campaign of “Black Lives Matter” across the world.

The voting for the removal of the flag happened in the Mississippi state legislature on this Sunday.
The bill stands passed in the House with a vote count of 91-23 and 37-14 in the Senate.
George Floyd’s death has re-established the demand for justice to the Blacks throughout the world and rechecking of the state of the abolition of racism prevailing in the society.

In the wake of these protests, all the symbols that signify racism in any form are the targets of the protesters. Many activists are demanding to scrap these symbols out of society.
The removal of the Mississippi State flag is also the result of this resentment.

Many feel that this Confederate Symbol as the Mississippi state flag is no other than just a symbol of racism.
Many people till the time felt that this state flag was something related to the memories of their ancestors who fought for Mississippi during the civil war.

But after George Floyd’s death, this perception got a corner, and the demand to remove this symbol paved its way. And, the bill has been successfully placed in the state legislature.
Now, the bill is pending with Governor Tate Reeves who has already given his nod to sign the bill.
After his signatures, the bill will become a law.

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