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US Soldier Accused Of Planning Attacks, Giving Classified Info To Neo-Nazis

Recently, the department of social justice unveiled reports of a US Soldier who planned an attack on his fellow soldiers. Also, all this was probably to help a group with neo-nazi ideology.

The Beginning

The indictment has revealed quite a set of facts. It started when Ethan Melzer joined the US Army is 2018, and subsequently joined the Neo-Nazi group Order-Nine Angels or O9A, in 2019. Between 2019 and 2002, Melzer leaked sensitive information about various locations of troops and deployment of his own unit. The information also involved the number of members and armaments of the troop.

Melzer’s allegiance was clear through some encrypted message, sources say. While saying his training could be useful for them, he also expressed his will to sacrifice for a mass casualty. Hoping that this attack would start a new war, the soldier had begun planning for the same. He confessed to having planned this attack to FBI. He admitted that his goal was to kill his fellow service members and his intentions and actions amount to treason. Also, he referred to the attack as a ‘jihadi attack’ and kept outsourcing information to a member of Al-Quaeda.

neo Nazism
Neo Nazism

About O9A

According to the sources, O9A projects ne0-nazi sentiments and satanic beliefs. The group has repeatedly expressed admiration for Nazi ideologies, leaders like Adolf Hitler, Islamic jihadist and Osama Bin Laden. The indictment has also revealed that Melzer went through propaganda from ISIS based terror group and a document called ‘Harvest of Soldiers’.

Soldier Arrested

Experts have observed that there is a rampant rise in the sentiment of white supremacy. And that is precisely why the rate of violent incidents is also on the rise. Charged for conspiring and attempting to kill U.S. nationals,  attempting to provide and providing material support to terrorists, conspiring to murder and maim in a foreign country, Melzer is under the hold of security forces. The charges may attract a sentence for a lifetime.

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