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Biden Demands For Cooperation With Trump, Asked To Criticise The Violence In Portland

Biden tried to get the help from the president trump to consider the violation in the portland. One man died during this protest when the trump supporters arrived in their vehicles. This Sunday Oregon asked for the same thing to Trump, which is to solve the rasing problem in the city portland.

People did not accept the deadly violence in the portland. This past Sunday Biden raised and said that he stands against the violence and violence against every kind of person. In addition to this, e said that he “challenges Donald Trump to work in this matter and bring out the good thing for the future of this country”.

Biden’s Campaign

The Report says Biden will soon travel to Southwestern Pennsylvania on this Monday. According to his campaign, he will go and ask the voters to know whether they are safe under Trump’s America. The campaign has also decided to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the place where Jacob Blake was shot. This campaign will aim to condemn violence.

local officials from the states are a bit concerned about trump’s visit this Tuesday. The Biden’s Campaign executive has specifically mentioned that they won’t create any unnecessary trouble.

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The Protesters

For over 90 days straight, the protesters who came to portland have exposed Racial Injustice and police brutality. The protesters came with the intention to raise the voice for George Floyd. However, they also got another case of “Jacob Blake”, Which made their protest more concerning.

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Just before the shooting, President Trump tweeted about the caravan supporters by saying that they are “Great Patriots”. But still haven’t replied towards the violence which was caused in the portland. Democrats such as Biden himself has taken some initiative to prove that Trump is the actual reason for all these acts of violence.

Trump Replied To Biden

Mr. Trump replied to Biden’s news about the trip to Pennsylvania this Sunday. He said the only reason is conducting the in-person event is because “due to some very disturbing numbers”. However, t was referred to as l numbers.

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