Benefits of Online Education in Foreign Universities

Distance or online education in foreign universities is a great way to get a prestigious higher education without leaving your home country. If previously it was thought that this type of study is chosen mostly by adults who have made a career and have a family, now the situation has changed dramatically.

What is online learning?

Its main difference from correspondence education is that even the sessions you can pass in an interactive mode without going abroad. Accordingly, you will receive all study materials online or by mail. But even for an online program, you’ll need to write a great motivational letter. Look for an essay paper for sale if you need help with that.

The only exception – the final exam is often held in person. But it all depends on the requirements of the individual university. That is why a huge number of people choose online learning. After all, you can study without leaving home in Australia, the USA, England or New Zealand.

The advantages of receiving a distance education abroad

  • You don’t have to radically change your life, quit your job, or part with your loved ones.
  • There is no problem with adapting to a foreign country, leaving your “comfort zone”.
  • In addition, there is no hassle with opening and renewing a visa or having a certain amount in your account.
  • Significantly reduced costs for studying abroad: no need to rent expensive accommodation, pay for special medical insurance, pay for a flight, etc.
  • The diploma does not indicate that you studied remotely, it is identical to the document received at the full-time department.

When choosing to study online, students remain completely free. They do not need to attend lectures every day, they form their own schedule.

It is much more convenient to study foreign languages, especially from “zero”. Not everyone is ready to go abroad without understanding a word.

Besides, for many professions, this form of higher education is preferable to full-time education. In particular, this applies to the field of IT, mobile and computer technology, Internet marketing, or networking business.

Learn English Online in Canada

Let’s start with the fact that Canada is characterized by the most developed system of online learning. A huge territory, low population density in some regions, and a strong system of state social protection and support have led to the fact that most of the programs in Canadian universities are also offered at a distance.

The same applies to English, French, and other language courses. Among the language schools of Canada, ILAC is one of the largest and most popular. It has the highest level of recognition, many national and international awards. The courses are considered among the most effective, and the transformation of English into a “second mother tongue” takes only 6 months.

The school has campuses in two of Canada’s top cities: Toronto and Vancouver. The duration of the training – from 1 week. What is interesting, this language school puts very low prices for learning English – from $164/week.

Online learning IT

Distance higher education in the field of information technology is leading in this segment of the market. Indeed, to master this profession there is no need to attend face-to-face lectures, interactive learning is enough.

Although we cannot say that all foreign universities agree with this. The most prestigious US universities in this area: California Institute of Technology, Yale University, Princeton University do not offer programs at Bachelor’s level (at the moment). But starting with a master’s degree, there is a good choice.

Harvard is more loyal, but it has very few distance courses. But Boston University has about 20 online programs.

Frankly speaking, the easiest way to study IT is online in Canada. There is even a special Canadian Virtual University (CVU) with 280 distance learning courses. This association includes 12 powerful colleges and universities, which gives you the opportunity to choose the right program.

The scheme of studying online

  • Once you enroll, you’re given access to e-learning materials, research facilities, and lecture recordings. Service and administrative support are guaranteed.
  • You’re assigned a teacher-supervisor to whom you can send your tests, written essays, research papers, etc.
  • By e-mail or online you have the right to consult, ask questions.
  • You take your exams by videoconference or in person. This depends on the conditions of the university, so you find out in advance.
  • Diploma sent by mail or picked up in person. Universities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, and other countries have a credit system, so a minimum of 180 credit points will still be required for a bachelor’s degree.

How to enroll in an online program abroad

The admissions process for a distance program is the same as for a full-time program. The application package is also identical. Online education is always paid, the price varies depending on the country and institution. The lowest cost is $1,500/semester.

Online learning is very convenient nowadays. So choose the right program for you, write a successful motivation letter, and prepare all the necessary documents.

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